Music Ministry at Gesu

"Music does what words alone cannot do. It is capable of expressing a dimension of meaning and feeling that words alone cannot convey...

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The role of music is to serve the needs of the Liturgy and not to dominate it, seek to entertain, or draw attention to itself or the musicians. However, there are instances when the praise and adoration of God leads to music taking on a far greater dimension. At other times, simplicity is the most appropriate response. The primary role of music in the Liturgy is to help the members of the gathered assembly to join themslves with the action of Christ and to give voice to the gift of faith."

Issued by USCCB, November 14, 2007. © 2007, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission.

Gesu Church has been blessed by beauty of design in many ways, from the sweeping marble altars to the magnificent stained glass windows to its naturally vibrant resonance. Assembly, organ, instruments and choir join together in praising God in a Church designed for sound and music. Visiting musicians often remark on their memorable experience of playing in a church with such marvelous acoustics.

Gesu Music Ministry maintains a diverse repertoire of music from Gregorian Chant to Renaissance, to choral works from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, to music from various cultures, to contemporary compositions. Cantors, choirs, organ and instruments lead the assembly in music prayer for five weekend masses, on Holy Days, Feasts and other Parish celebrations.