East Side Sidewalk

Marquette University recently began efforts to mitigate recurring water intrusion issues in Johnston Hall. Consequently, until this project is completed, use of the sidewalk on the east side of the church will be limited as follows:

Monday thru Friday - Access from Lot J to the east side transept entrance of the church will be available. North of the transept entrance to Wisconsin Avenue the sidewalk will be closed.

Friday late afternoon thru Sunday - The sidewalk, possibly in a reduced fashion, will be open for pedestrian traffic from Wisconsin Avenue to Lot J.

Pending weather and other factors, the duration of this effort is expected to be two to three weeks. We apologize for the short notice, and any inconvenience, and as always appreciate your support in advance.

For more information, contact

    John O'Brien, Director of Operations and Administration
  • email John
  • 414-288-1565