Parking Update

This past February (2018) Gesu Parish and Marquette University announced collaborative plans to provide parking for the Gesu community, during and after the construction of the Athletic and Human Performance Research Center (AHPRC), on the site previously known as Lot F. We are happy to announce, Lot D is now open and available to Gesu parishioners, guests and visitors for weekend and holiday parking.

This new lot is located immediately west of the AHPRC site, which is still under construction, on the southwest corner of 12th and Wells Streets, less than one block north of the main entrance to the Church of the Gesu. The entrance to Lot D is from 13th Street. Parking will also continue to be available in Lots G and J. Street parking options are available. Please note the signs for details and availability.

Until further notice from the University, Lot D will only be open on the weekends for exclusive use by Gesu. Until construction of the AHPRC is completed Lot D will be closed during the week. Once construction of the AHPRC is completed the University will begin week day permitting for Lot D. Construction will likely continue into February 2019.

    Additional comments:
  • The primary purpose of Lot J, at all times, continues to be in support of Gesu Parish.
  • Marquette has committed to provide permanent weekend and holiday access to Lot G for Gesu.
  • Lot D will be open for Gesu use when holidays fall on week days, including Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year's Day this holiday season.
  • The Wells Street Structure, which has been open on the weekends for Gesu overflow, will remain available through Thanksgiving. The hope is Gesu will no longer need such consideration from the University shortly thereafter.
  • From a parish perspective, once the construction of the new AHPRC is completed and Lot D is fully available, there will actually be more total parking spots available to the parish, than before the construction started and Lot F closed. While some Lot D spots will be further away from the front of the church, all of the spots in Lot G are actually closer to the front of the church than was available in Lot F.

Please feel free to share this information as you think appropriate.

Thank you again for your patience and support during this process.

For more information, contact

    John O'Brien, Director of Operations and Administration
  • email John
  • 414-288-1565