Gesu Closure Policy in the Event of Dangerous Weather Conditions

Gesu will follow Marquette University's decision regarding closing the university in the event of dangerous weather conditions, typically in the winter months. That is to say, if Marquette closes, Gesu will close as well. This means closure of the church and parish offices, including the cancellation of the Mass and confession schedule and all events and meetings. Please note that this policy is typically applicable to weekdays.

Because of the Sunday and/or weekend mass obligation, Gesu will try to remain open on weekends. But again, if conditions prove too dangerous, Gesu will close. Notification of the parish's closure will be communicated via local media outlets.

This decision is in the interest of the safety of all involved--parishioners, visitors, priests and Marquette personnel who typically are engaged in more essential duties, during such weather events, than opening and closing the church.

Thanks for your attention in this matter.

Fr. Jim Flaherty, SJ

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