News from Fr. Matt Walsh, S.J.

Dear Gesu parishioners,

I have some news to share: the Jesuit Provincial has missioned me to take a new assignment in Omaha. Sometime in the summer I will take up this new assignment. Illl continue to do sacramental ministry there. I'm looking forward to this new assignment, but sad to leave Gesu, a wonderful parish, as you all know so well!

I was ordained here and have ministered here, with a couple stints elsewhere, since 2009. I learned how to be a Jesuit priest right here and I'm very grateful for your care and support over the years. A wise Jesuit said, "the People of God are good..." It is certainly true.

I will continue to minister at Gesu for the next few months and will bid farewell in the best and safest way possible, given the ongoing health crisis. Let us continue to pray for each other.

Fr. Matt Walsh, SJ

I wish to thank Fr. Matt for his many years of generous priestly ministry at Gesu. It has been a joy for me to minister with him. A successor to Fr. Matt will be named sometime in the late spring or early summer. And hopefully we will have the opportunity in the coming months to gather and bid farewell to him, in person.

Fr. Jim Flaherty, SJ


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