Fair Trade Coffee

The Human Concerns ministry of Gesu provides the parish with fair trade coffee, whenever possible, for meetings and events at the Parish Center and in the Church of the Gesu. The coffee you drink at Gesu provides a “fairer price” to the coffee farmers in Mexico or in other countries where fair trade coffee is harvested. Look for the Fair Trade Certified symbol when you shop for coffee and help to cultivate global solidarity. Fair Trade Coffee can also be purchased through Catholic Relief Services.

For more information, contact

    Marcia Isherwood, R.N., Director of Human Concerns
  • email Marcia
  • 414-288-5288

Fair Trade Coffee Helps Care for God’s Creation

Fair Trade coffee growers are committed to coexisting with our environment rather than exploiting it.

  • Organic coffee farmers view the entire farm as one ecosystem. Farmers focus on recycling, composting and soil health strictly avoiding the use of synthetic herbicides and dangerous pesticides.
  • Shade grown coffee is planted under the canopy of existing forests. These forests provide shelter and food for migratory birds. It also helps in soil conservation, as the trees prevent soil erosion and the leaves and bird droppings provide soil fertilization.
  • There are a variety of insects which can devastate a coffee tree plantation destroying not only that year’s harvest, but the trees themselves. The tree canopy supports a wide range of bird species which eat these insects and naturally control this dangerous pest threat.
  • A coffee tree takes about 5 years before it will yield a crop (about a pound of coffee per tree annually). A typical tree will last about 15 years. Shade grown trees will have a significantly longer lifespan, yielding crops for up to twice as long as sun grown trees.

Our Invitation to All

We invite you to make your house a “Fair Trade Coffee Home”! Buy Fair Trade coffee (the FTC logo seen at the right will be on the packaging) at your local market and live out the tenets of our Catholic Social Teachings:

  • the dignity of the human person
  • the call to community
  • the option for the poor and vulnerable
  • the dignity of work and the rights of workers
  • global solidarity
  • the care for creation

Click here to find Fair Trade partners in Wisconsin. Fair Trade has also gone mainstream and can be found conveniently at many local supermarkets including: Pick 'n Save, Sentry and Woodmans.