Marcia Isherwood, R.N.

Marcia Isherwood, R.N.

Director of Human Concerns

Director of Health Ministry

Marcia is successfully promoting the health care of parishioners and of people living within our parish boundaries. Refer to the Health Ministry page for additional information on this wonderful ministry.

What do I love about working at Gesu?

As a parish nurse, I came to Gesu with the heart of a servant, hoping to bring Christ to people through efforts of parish-based health ministry. I immediately fell in love with this sacred space filled with the spirit of servanthood in the many people of God who call Gesu home, and the many more who are just passing by as visitors. The richness of spirit and wisdom continually touch me and nourish me. I love the passion and mission within the hearts of the people. Jesus is alive and well in the people of Gesu!

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