Dan Domrois

Dan Domrois

Director of Music

Dan handles many musical tasks at Gesu Parish, including planning and coordinating music for weekend, holy day, funeral, and wedding liturgies. He is the contact person for anyone interested in joining the parish choirs or cantoring at our liturgies. Dan is a member of the Worship Commission, and also handles the Communication aspect of the Parish Life Commission--which includes this website.


Dan began playing organ for Mass in the seventh grade. He met Music Director-emeritus John Weissrock at a Marquette University High School event. Dan's involvement with Gesu Music Ministry began as a Marquette University student, and continued beyond graduation. He benefitted immensely from John's musical genius--as did Gesu's Schantz pipe organ, which he helped install in 2011. When John decided to scale back and ultimately retire from active Music Minstry, Dan was brought on as Music Director.

Did you know...
Dan is a state-certified Firefighter, Motor Pump Operator (fire engine driver-operator), and Fire Inspector; a licensed Paramedic; and an American Heart Association CPR Instructor.

Why I love Gesu

Gesu Parish is a unique community. While we are diverse in age, ethnicity and economic status, we are united by our energetic dedication to the message of the Gospel. Everyone is here because they genuinely want to be here; they are called to be here. Gesu parishioners have a willingness to help, to go the extra mile.

The mystery of music enlivens my ministry. We may never know how or when music touches someone, leads them to God, changes their outlook...but it does happen. It's beautiful and awe-inspiring when we hear about this. The hope that it just might touch someone and have an uplifting effect on their life motivates me.