Direct Services

Saturday Meal Ministry

For more information about the Saturday Meal Ministry, contact

    Peg Flahive, Director of Human Concerns
  • 414-288-7387

On the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Saturdays, the Gesu/Midnight Run Soup and Sandwich Meals are offered in the Fr. Herian Parish Hall to the hungry, the homeless, the elderly and the needy in the parish and the neighborhood.

Parents with children entering 7th grade are welcome. Use the contact info at left if you are interested. You will be contacted by the coordinator to confirm if/when you are scheduled. Thank you!

Sunday Breakfast Bags

For more information about Sunday Breakfast Bags, contact

    Peg Flahive, Director of Human Concerns
  • 414-288-7387

Breakfast Bags for the hungry are assembled by a dedicated Gesu family. The bags are distributed at the Parish Center entrance (facing the Marquette University Eckstein Law School) each Sunday morning from 8:20 a.m. until they are gone, or until 9:00 AM at the latest. Parishioners distribute the bags to those in need in the immediate geographic area of Gesu Parish. If you are interested in assisting with this ministry, please use the contact info at left.

Cathedral Shelter Ministry

For more information about the Cathedral Shelter Ministry, contact

    Peg Flahive, Director of Human Concerns
  • 414-288-7387

Since 1997, Gesu has ministered to Milwaukee area homeless women and children, in order to alleviate the suffering of homelessness. Gesu's Cathedral Center Ministers are volunteers, coordinated by a parishioner, who are scheduled to serve in teams one evening from (about) 6:00 PM-8:30 PM, several times annually, weekdays and weekends. Gesu volunteers provide hospitality, food, conversation and compassion. The Cathedral Center Shelter (CCS) is open 365 days a year. If you are interested in assisting at the Shelter, please use the contact info at left. Visit the CCS website for additional information.

St. Vincent de Paul

For more information about St. Vincent de Paul, contact

    Peg Flahive, Director of Human Concerns
  • 414-288-7387

The St. Vincent de Paul Society helps those who are poor meet their basic human needs. The Gesu SVdP conference’s primary service area includes the neighborhoods bounded by 11th St. (east), 35th St. (west), Vliet St. (north), and St. Paul Ave. (south). In 2016 our conference served 230 families totaling nearly 500 individuals.

The usual method of contacting our parish SVdP organization is through a request for help that is received by the St. Vincent De Paul Central Office (414-462-7837). The calls for assistance are forwarded by the central office to our parish volunteers who then make personal visits to the homes of those seeking assistance. The calls for help come from a wide variety of people including older adults, families with children and little or no income, and those suffering from a shortage of essential home supplies, kitchen utensils and furniture. The needed items are available at St. Vincent De Paul stores in Milwaukee and Greenfield and from used appliance dealers. Clients redeem the vouchers prepared by our volunteers. Frequently the people who call for assistance have no food in their homes or apartments. Over 20 Gesu volunteer Vincentians bring emergency supplies of food to those who have little to feed their children or themselves. Other needed items that we provide include used refrigerators and stoves. In addition to providing basic services, our St. Vincent De Paul conference also shares information about other area organizations that provide help to those who are poor. There is great need in our surrounding neighborhood and we are able to provide only the most basic human services.

In addition to serving others, our Vincentians meet twice a month for spiritual reflection. If you would like to learn more, make a donation, or become involved with the Gesu SVdP conference, please use the contact info above.

Service Organizations

Frieden's Food Pantry

Parishioners share non-perishable food items and disposable diapers which are collected each Sunday in baskets in the Upper Church. These donated items are brought to Frieden's Community Ministries food pantry about every three weeks.