Wells Street Structure (Structure 1)

Free parking is available in the Marquette University parking structure at the corner of 13th and Wells (1240 W. Wells Street). This structure, a 2-block walk from Gesu's front door, is secure and monitored 24 hours a day by the Marquette University Police Department. Enter the structure from Wells Street and tell the attendant that you are a Gesu parishioner or guest.

12th Street (Lot F)

Additional free parking is available in Marquette University Lot F(733 N. 12th Street). Typically, the gates to the lot will be open on weekends. If an attendant is at the lot entrance, simply tell him or her that you are going to Gesu. If you are visiting Gesu on a weekday or evening, or if no attendant is at the gate, then press the button. This button activates a vid-com system which connects to the Marquette University Police Department. Tell the attendant that you are attending an event at Gesu and if space is available, you will be permitted access to the lot.

Behind Church (Lot J)

Parking is also available adjacent to the Parish Center and church. The entrance to the lot is on 11th Street south of Wisconsin Avenue. There are about 88 parking spots available in this lot.

Street Parking

Parking is available on 12th Street, and is metered during daytime hours Monday-Saturday, but free in the evenings and on Sundays. 2-hour free parking is available on Wisconsin Avenue on Sundays only. Please read the signs for exact hours. Gesu Parish recommends using one of the off-street parking lots.

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